Treinamento OpenERP-Magento connector v7 nos EUA por Akretion!

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Akretion gave the first training on the new OpenERP-Magento connector in Redwood city, CA USA, from the 16th to the 18th of september 2013,

The training session was organized by OpenERP SA themselves in their California headquarters:,

Meanwhile, connector specialized engineers from Akretion Sebastien Beau and Benoît Guillot traveled from France to deliver the training session!

Akretion is indeed a strategic gold partner of OpenERP since 2012, official partner since 2009 and has built a very unique expertise with Magento OpenERP connector since 2008 with probably the largest number of Magento OpenERP SMB customers around! It’s also worth mentioning that Akretion is the official Certified Training center of OpenERP in Brazil since 2011 after we succesfully introduced OpenERP to that market so this kind of training partnership with OpenERP SA was natural for us.

Seven students from all over the world (Wisconsins, Florida, Dominican Republic, Philipins) came to learn a lot about the connector!

The training gave the students all the practical details to implement the brand new OpenERP v7 / Magento v1.7 connector released in november 2013 and featuring the new job queue framework for OpenERP designed by Camptocamp.

In addition to the specific content of the connection between OpenERP and Magento, the students learned a lots of e-commerce features. Indeed, the training covers also the e-banking, bank statement reconciliation, management of delivery time and carriers, the logistic center integration and the shipping label printing. Further information on the content of the training here.

Other OpenERP-Magento training sessions will soon be scheduled in France so don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

Also don’t forget that Akretion released OpenERP-Prestahop connector for Openerp v7

An OpenERP-Prestashop training session will also be scheduled in France soon, so don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

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