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Odoo ERP

Odoo ERP

One software, one database for all aspects of your business

Business Process

Business Process

We help you to adopt best practices for your organisation

Vente en ligne

Vente en ligne

Construire un backoffice efficace pour une meilleure satisfaction client

Porque escolher o Odoo ?

  • Odoo (previously OpenERP)

    We have a strong experience on one of the best Open Source ERP.
  • High level of customization

    We tend to bend the ERP to suits your needs, not the opposite.
  • Benefit from the community

    May be there is already a module which cover your needs

Porque Escolher a Akretion ?

  • Opensource in our core values

    No proprietary vendor lock-in.
    We use OSS components in our projects.
  • A major contributor

    Most of our developpments are contributed to the community. You can find our work on GitHub
  • Network of experts

    No commercial bullshit : everyone in akretion is a technical expert.
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