mrp_prodlot_autosplit atualizado para product_serial

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We recently updated the mrp_prodlot_autosplit module by :

  • Updating the module name to make it more “understandable” to product_serial (lp:~openerp-commiter/openobject-addons/extra-6.0 : /product_serial). The main aim of the split is indeed to create new lines to ease the filing of serial numbers.
  • Separating the mrp dependancy in another module : product_serial_mrp (lp:~openerp-commiter/openobject-addons/extra-6.0 : /product_serial_mrp)
  • Adding a new split method : split by product Logistical Unit quantity

To use the “split by LU”, you have to create at least one LU in the product form (at prestent time, the module is only doing a simple split using only the first LU line). If the LU (a box for example) quantity is 4 product units and if you order 10 units, the module will then split the reception into 3 lines (line 1 : 4 units ; line 2 : 4 units ; line 3 : 2 units)

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Raphaël Valyi
Founder - Brazil
Raphael, when he worked in Smile the French IT company, led the most thorough comparative study on ERP OpenSource (OpenERP, Openbravo, Compiere, Adempiere, ERP5 Ofbiz, etc ...) that led to writing a white paper of 120 pages. It has over 5 years experience in OpenERP and achieved more than 10 ...

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