Akretion talks about Factur-X implementation experience at FNFE meeting

I’ve been invited to talk about our experience of implementing the Factur-X standard in Odoo at the September 15th 2017 meeting of the FNFE-MPE (Forum National de la Facture Electronique et des Marchés Publics Electroniques) in Paris. Factur-X is the e-invoicing standard for France and Germany, published on FNFE-MPE’s website. In Germany, the standard is also called ZUGFeRD 2.0.

The FNFE members who attended the meeting were very interested by our experience and feedback on Factur-X. They were glad to see the concrete result of their hard work on this standard: it was the first time they could see the use of Factur-X in an ERP to generate customer invoices and import supplier invoices!

I have published the slides of my presentation (in French).

Sobre o autor

Alexis de Lattre
Founder - France
Specialist in Odoo and free software
Alexis de Lattre is a co-founder of the French company Anevia, where he held the positions of Managing Director and Financial Director of Production and Logistics and Director of Computer Services. Anevia is a company with 40 employees and specializes in the development and sale of video server...

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