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Article de Raphaël Valyi

Raphaël Valyi
lancez un Engine LocomotiveCMS en quelques minutes avec Devstep et Docker

LocomotiveCMS is a brilliant CMS. I personnaly consider it's way ahead all of the open source competition. It has a client server structure where designers can edit website locally and then upload them to a multi-tenant engine. But installing that Engine can be a bit daunting, especially ...

Raphaël Valyi
run LocomotiveCMS websites locally in minutes using Wagon and Devstep (Docker)

Docker is all the rage these days and Akretion has been using it for a while now, including for Odoo. In this post however we will see how we can use the Desvetp tool combined with Wagon to edit locally a LocomotiveCMS website.

Raphaël Valyi
Maitriser son integration de données avec Akretion TerminatOOOR!

OpenERP is all the rage among open source ERP's but its native import/export has limitations when it comes to data integration. Server side OpenERP import/export is powerful but not so easy to get started and get interfaced. On the contrary, the famous Kettle open source ETL from Pentaho conne...

Raphaël Valyi
mrp_prodlot_autosplit mis à jour et devient product_serial

**We recently updated the mrp_prodlot_autosplit module by :**


Raphaël Valyi
Des nouvelles de product_variant_multi

The module Product_variant_multi now use a generic and powerfull syntax for the automatic generation of the variant name.

Raphaël Valyi
New OpenERP - product (supplier) warranty module by Akretion

Akretion implemented supplier warranty management in OpenERP

Raphaël Valyi
OpenERP Ruby connector OOOR 1.5.0 annoncé!

OOOR 1.5.0 released!


Raphaël Valyi
Nouveau connecteur OpenERP-Coface par Akretion

Akretion announces the availability of the module coface_credit_insurance in the extra-addons section under the AGPL licence...


Raphaël Valyi
OOOR - OpenObject On Rails: gérer votre OpenERP devient un jeu d'enfant

One year ago, much for the fun, I started a small open source project [OOOR - OpenObject on Rails]( the idea was to explore Ruby metaprogramming techniques to remotely access the whole API of OpenERP using the standard...

Raphaël Valyi
Mise à l'échelle de la communauté d'OpenERP au niveau mondial

Dear OpenERP community,

Things have been moving really fast for OpenERP and Tiny during those last 2 years. A lot of indicators (Google Insight, Launchpad inscription rates, partner list...) show OpenERP matured from a confidential francophone ERP to the global leader of open source ...

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