Akretion and Camptocamp announce the release of the PrestaShop-OpenERP connector

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Akretion and Camptocamp announce the release of the PrestaShop-OpenERP connector

February 23rd 2012

Akretion and Camptocamp announce the immediate and worldwide availability of the PrestaShop-OpenERP connector version 0.1.

PrestaShop is an Open Source e-commerce software written in PHP that provides an easy-to-use and high-performance solution to set up an online shop. OpenERP is an Open Source ERP software written in Python that provides an extended functional coverage: Customer Relationship Management (CRM), sales and purchase administration, stock management, Material Requirement Planning (MRP), accounting, etc.

Many e-commerce companies running PrestaShop are looking for a global solution that includes stock management and accounting. For a successful e-commerce company, automating stock management, supplier orders and accounting are critical in order to have a profitable business. OpenERP and PrestaShop complement each other perfectly:

  • PrestaShop manages the front office: product catalog, customer accounts, carts, order validation and payment by credit card;
  • OpenERP handles the back office: stock management, supplier orders, customer claims, accounting, etc.

The only thing that was missing was a connector between these two software!

This first version of the PrestaShop-OpenERP connector has been developed during a one-week code sprint that took place on February 6th - 10th 2012 in Seythenex (Haute-Savoie, France). This large R&D effort of Akretion and Camptocamp (with the participation of one developer from Julius Network Solutions) is the kick-start of a new Open Source software project called PrestashopERPconnect. Akretion and Camptocamp form the PrestashopERPconnect core editors and are the official maintainers of the project.

Sebastien Beau, e-commerce project manager at Akretion, declares: “Our target was to be capable of importing orders from PrestaShop to OpenERP at the end of our one-week code sprint. But before importing the first order, we needed to develop the synchronization of shops, currencies, languages, countries, carriers and products. We reached our target on Thursday evening, so we deserved to go skiing on Friday afternoon at the La Sambuy ski resort!

Joël Grand-Guillaume, Business Solution Division Manager at Camptocamp in Lausanne adds: “We did not only bring the finest swiss chocolates to this code sprint; we also brought our long experience of software development on the OpenERP framework and our knowledge of software architecture.

The PrestaShop company contributed to the development of the connector by providing technical support on the PrestaShop webservices that are used by the connector. Nebojsa Stojanovic, Chief Technical Officer of PrestaShop, declares: “The development of the PrestaShop-OpenERP connector is the proof that our large developers community is a key differentiator compared with proprietary e-commerce solutions. We are very happy to see our award-winning Open Source e-commerce platform connected to one of the leading Open Source ERP solutions.

FAQ about the PrestaShop-OpenERP connector

  1. What is the license of the connector? Where can I get the source code? This connector is published under the GNU Affero General Public License version 3 (the same license as OpenERP). The source code is available on Launchpad: https://launchpad.net/prestashoperpconnect (Launchpad is a development platform that hosts many Open Source software projects, including OpenERP and Ubuntu).

  2. Which versions of OpenERP and PrestaShop are supported? Regarding OpenERP, the connector has been developed on OpenERP 6.1, which was released yesterday. And concerning PrestaShop, it supports all versions of PrestaShop starting from version 1.4, which is the first version of PrestaShop to propose a webservice interface. It doesn’t require any module in PrestaShop. The current version of the connector comes with the mapping of objects between OpenERP 6.1 and PrestaShop 1.5 only. PrestaShop 1.5 is currently under development and will introduce multi-shop support and many other features. Adding support for PrestaShop 1.4 should be easy.

  3. You publish this connector for free on the Internet… how do you earn a living? Akretion and Camptocamp - the PrestashopERPconnect core editors - have developed this connector as part of their R&D effort. Both companies are strong supporters of Open Source software and have a long history of code contributions to OpenERP and other Open Source projects. Instead of spending millions in Sales and Marketing, they estimate that this code contribution is a better means to generate customer demand for software development on the connector and/or OpenERP and also for their trainings, professional services and SaaS (Software as a Service) offers.

  4. Is the connector ready for production use? This version 0.1 has all the essential building blocks to connect OpenERP and PrestaShop and already supports the import of orders from PrestaShop to OpenERP in simple scenarios. Depending on how PrestaShop is used, generic or specific developments on the connector may be required.

  5. What should I be aware of before deploying the connector? This connector can be downloaded by anyone on the Internet but it requires deep knowledge of OpenERP, PrestaShop and the connector’s internals to be deployed successfully in production. The PrestashopERPconnect core editors are available to help you deploy this solution for your PrestaShop-based e-commerce business.

About Akretion

Akretion is an OpenERP-expert company based in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) and France (Lyons) with a strong experience in e-commerce projects. Akretion key contributions to Open Source software include the Magento-OpenERP connector, the Asterisk-OpenERP connector, the Brazilian localization for OpenERP, support for French customs formalities (DEB and DES) in OpenERP and the OOOR connector to use OpenERP from the Ruby programming language. Akretion sells training, consulting, software development and SaaS (Software as a Service) on OpenERP.

About Camptocamp

Incorporated in 2001, Camptocamp is an Open Source software editor and integrator in three complimentary areas: Business Solutions (OpenERP, Business Intelligence, e-commerce), Geospatial Solutions and Infrastructure Solutions. Camptocamp strives to deliver high value-added services (consulting, R&D, training, support) to its customers in order to assist them in deploying efficient and sustainable Open Source applications. Based in Lausanne (Switzerland), Chambéry (France) and Vienna (Austria), Camptocamp counts 43 employees with functional as well as technical skills.

Press contacts

  • Akretion: Alexis de Lattre - Mail: alexis.delattre (at) akretion.com

  • Camptocamp: Maxime Wiot – Mail: maxime.wiot (at) camptocamp.com – Phone: +33 4 79 44 44 94 or +41 21 619 10 10

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