LibreOffice extension to generate Factur-X invoices

The revolution of electronic invoicing is moving forward, and a new milestone is just a few days away for French companies: starting January 1st 2020, French companies with less than 10 employees are now obliged to send electronic invoices for their public-entity customers via the Chorus Pro plateform.

Chorus Pro supports several electronic invoicing formats. At Akretion, we think that Factur-X is the most suitable format for SMBs. So we want to allow all companies to generate Factur-X invoices including companies that generate their invoices in a spreadsheet, and not only companies running Odoo or another modern ERP software. Thanks to our new LibreOffice extension, it is now possible to generate a Factur-X invoices with LibreOffice Calc.

This LibreOffice extension is:

  • easy to install: no IT knownledge needed,
  • multi-plateform (Windows, Mac OS and Linux),
  • works offline: no Internet connexion needed to generate a Factur-X invoice,
  • easy to use to generate customer invoices/refunds on a daily basis.

You can download it from Github.

Video tutorial

Lumière sur l'auteur

Alexis de Lattre
Founder - France
Specialist in Odoo and free software
Alexis de Lattre is a co-founder of the French company Anevia, where he held the positions of Managing Director and Financial Director of Production and Logistics and Director of Computer Services. Anevia is a company with 40 employees and specializes in the development and sale of video server...

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