Akretion's Christmas present to the OpenERP community : new feature on the Asterisk connector

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Akretion’s Christmas present to the OpenERP community : new feature on the Asterisk connector…

Back in September, Akretion, with the help of Anevia, released the asterisk_click2dial module (extra-addons), which added the click2dial feature to OpenERP.

Now, Akretion developed a cool new feature on the Asterisk connector : the ability to show the name of the calling party on incoming phone calls if the presented phone number is in the Partner addresses of OpenERP. Here is how it works :

  1. Upon reception of an incoming phone call, the Asterisk dialplan executes an AGI script.
  2. The AGI script will send an XML-RPC request to the OpenERP server to try to find the name of the person corresponding to the phone number presented by the calling party.
  3. If OpenERP finds a corresponding name, it is added as CallerID name to the call and therefore presented on the IP phone of the person receiving the call.

Akretion provides a detailed documentation for the asterisk_click2dial module on its website.

Akretion proposes it’s consulting services to setup and run the Asterisk connector on your Asterisk IPBX and your OpenERP server.

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Alexis de Lattre
Founder - France
Specialist in Odoo and free software
Alexis de Lattre is a co-founder of the French company Anevia, where he held the positions of Managing Director and Financial Director of Production and Logistics and Director of Computer Services. Anevia is a company with 40 employees and specializes in the development and sale of video server...

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