Warning in case of overdue invoices

Akretion contributed 2 new Odoo modules that show a warning banner on partners and sale orders form view in case of overdue invoices. The yellow banner warns the user about the number of overdue invoices and the total residual amount of these invoices.


This new feature is the result of a discussion this morning with a customer of Akretion who is deploying Odoo version 14. Our customer had a simple query: when encoding a new quote or order, he wanted to be alerted if the customer had overdue invoices. After evaluating different options, I proposed to implement this warning banner. The work started immediately after this discussion and the initial idea was improved during the development to also add a banner on the customer form view. These 2 modules named  account_invoice_overdue_warn and account_invoice_overdue_warn_sale have been contributed as opensource to the Odoo Community Association (OCA) : they are available for Odoo version 14 in this pull request on Github.


We hope that feature will benefit to many companies using Odoo! It is complementary to the overdue invoice reminder module that was published last year that sends emails and letters to customers that have overdue invoices: see our dedicated blog post about this module.

Don't hesistate to contact Akretion if you need a backport of this module to the version of Odoo your are using.

Lumière sur l'auteur

Alexis de Lattre
Fondateur - France
Spécialiste Odoo et logiciel libre
Alexis de Lattre is a co-founder of the French company Anevia, where he held the positions of Managing Director and Financial Director of Production and Logistics and Director of Computer Services. Anevia is a company with 40 employees and specializes in the development and sale of video server...
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