Mise a jour du module de gestion de la relation client avec OpenERP-Asterisk connector

The asterisk_click2dial_crm module of Zikzakmedia has been moved to the OpenERP-Asterisk connector project on Launchpad. Akretion ported the module to OpenERP 6.1 and added some great enhancements.


## Update of the CRM-specific module of the OpenERP-Asterisk connector

The OpenERP-Asterisk connector was initially made of a single module : asterisk_click2dial, which only depends on the base module.

The Spanish company Zikzakmedia developped a CRM-specific module called asterisk_click2dial_crm for OpenERP 6.0 and published it on Launchpad in the extra-6.0 repository on November 2011. With this CRM-specific module, when the user made a click2dial, OpenERP would automatically create an outbound phone call in the CRM and open it in a new tab.

With the approval of Zikzakmedia, the asterisk_click2dial_crm module has been moved to the OpenERP-Asterisk connector project on Launchpad. Akretion ported the module to OpenERP 6.1 and enhanced it :

* When you do a click2dial, instead of automatically creating an outbound phone call in the CRM, OpenERP will propose you to create one :

Create phone call in CRM pop-up

If you answer Yes, OpenERP will create the outbound phone call in the CRM. If some users don’t want to be asked
to create a phone call in the CRM each time they do a click2dial, they should disable the corresponding option in the Telephony tab of the User

* When you receive a phone call and run the wizard Open calling partner, if the partner is found in OpenERP, you will see a button that proposes to create an inbound phone call in the CRM :

Open calling partner feature

Please note that these enhancements are only available in the 6.1 branch of the OpenERP-Asterisk connector. The documentation of the connector has already been updated to reflect these changes.

So, if you are using OpenERP 6.1 in your company, you should throw away your old PBX and get an Asterisk PBX in order to benefit from the great features of the OpenERP-Asterisk connector ! If you don’t know anything about how to deploy an Asterisk PBX in your company, you can read my page about lessons learnt from an Asterisk deployment (French only).

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