Some news about product_variant_multi

This post has been published on 11/19/2010, it is possible that it is out of date. The information below could be deprecated

The module Product_variant_multi now use a generic and powerfull syntax for the automatic generation of the variant name.

Some news about product_variant_multi

Recently Akretion made some changes on product_variant_multi. Indeed, we redesigned the automatic generation of the variant names. Before, it was only possible to access the name of the dimension and the name of the option selected.
For example, the default model for the variant name was [NAME] - [VALUE], and if your company had some custom fields on product.variant.dimension.option, it was not posible to generate a custom variant name with them.

We now use a generic syntax which is the same as the code generator syntax (better homogeneity). If you want to have the same result as before, you should use the following syntax : [_o.dimension_id.name_] - [_o.option_id.name_] where o is the object product.variant.dimension.option. And if your company added a field on the object product.variant.dimension.option, you can use the syntax [_o.dimension_id.name_] - [_o.option_id.my_custom_field_].

Also we introduced the field code on product.variant.dimension.option and we replaced the default syntax by [_o.dimension_id.name_] - [_o.option_id.code_]. This little change adds a lot of possibility for variant name customization.

We hope that you will like these enhancements and that you will have a smooth upgrade of the module product variant multi with the above instructions.

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