Pricelist Builder module


This module is an addition to the standard 'Product & pricelist' OpenERP module.

It simplifies the pricelist management.

Indeed, the standard module of OpenERP allows you to create pricing rules that are applied to a product and / or a category as shown in this picture.

But what happens when I have to apply this rule (eg deduction of 10 € + 10% discount rounded to € integer) of 5 products that are potentially in different categories ?

I have to create my rule 5 times (not to mention that the duplication of the rule is not possible from the interface).

Duplication => Public enemy of the data control

The typical case of this scenario is a special offer targeting some products that changes regularly throughout the year.

Changing the products category each time is not an option.

Our module presented here addresses this issue:

- Create the rule once
- Apply to X and / or Y categories and / or products that have the Z option


Note: This module was originally created to facilitate the synchronization of price lists with prestashop.

So far it also syncs 'Special price' Magento.

But it can operate autonomously in OpenERP.

The main page of the module is as follows:

- On the top, the pricing rule and the concerned 'pricelist version'.
- In 'price elements' the price rule themselves with identical lists of standard prices settings.
- In 'Involved product' products / categories / options that the price rule applies: here the price rule applies to all products in category Y, but also those of the categories that have the Z option 'blue color' but also the product 'product in other categ'

The button 'update pricelist' ensures the consistency with the standard pricelist.

However, it is an optional use since scheduled task provides the same function.

The field 'last update' indicates the number of products affected by the update of the rules (deleted, created, udpated) or not (untouched)

In addition, the module ‘pricelist_from_product_or_category' allows, as its name suggests, to apply a rule set to a category / product directly from their interfaces (above the field 'pricelist builder')

Subsequent to the selection of this rule in categories, the 'Involved product' of our pricelist builder are modified accordingly (the 'Red' color was added in the meantime by another action)


We are back on the pricelist versions page of OpenERP.

This page is slightly different because there are 2 lists instead of a single one (all datas are nevertheless stored in the same table).

The one that we originally had now answers to the name 'Manual rules. Its behaviour remains unchanged.

The other list is called 'Automatically created rules' and data found in previous screens.

Even if OpenERP is more modular as an Open Source project (very modular compared to proprietaries ERP) on the side of pricelists it is a good old (and successful) sql query that takes care of everything.

Difficult in this case to 'overload' existing methods to alter their behavior without breaking compatibility with the native operation.

The easiest solution is to bring these rules at the product level as shown above.

Side performance if you have a very large amount of products with many different price lists, some points should be considered:

- Whether the rule applies only to a single category, the easiest way is to use the standard method of pricing rule.
- In case of performance problems, joint use of this module and openerp-connector could be considered this would smooth the update load.

The module is now translated from English to French only.

This module is limited to the management of public price (not ‘cost price' or ‘supplier price')

Akretion is at your disposal to develop additional modules, do not hesitate to contact us.



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