New OpenERP - RMA module by Akretion

This post has been published on 11/19/2010, it is possible that it is out of date. The information below could be deprecated


Akretion implemented Management of Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) in OpenERP through two modules :

crm_claim_rma :

Management of Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) in OpenERP. Upgrade the standard crm_claim module to add :

  • product returns (one by one, mass return by lot, mass return by invoice)
  • warranty control & return address (based on invoice date and product form)
  • product picking in / out
  • product refund
  • product exchange
  • access to related customer data (orders, invoices, refunds, picking in/out)

All the modules related to RMA have been gathered in a dedicated launchpad project lp:openerp-rma

Lumière sur l'auteur

Sebastien Beau
Founder - France
  Sebastien has over 3 years experience in OpenERP/Odoo, especially in integrating OpenERP/Odoo / Magento. After 6 months of internship in Akretion Brazil, he returned to France to work with the European customers compagnies. He works as a temporary self-employed in partnership with Brazil ...

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