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The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) is an initiative of the European Union to simplify bank transfers in Euro currency and reduce delays. The 28 countries of the European Union (plus 5 others) are part of SEPA. So far, the main changes introduced by SEPA impacted the technical mechanisms of money transfers between banks. But the next milestone in the SEPA calendar impacts the data exchange between companies and their banks : starting from February 1st 2014, companies will not be allowed to use the old national file format any more, only the new SEPA file format will be accepted by banks.

This new SEPA file format is based on the ISO 20022 standard and is XML-based. As a consequence, the companies that use files to send credit transfer orders or direct debit orders to their banks must make sure that their accounting software is able to generate SEPA XML files.

Thanks for the work of Akretion in coordination with the OpenERP community, OpenERP is able to generate SEPA XML files for credit transfers and direct debits. The implementation of SEPA made by Akretion follows the guidelines of the European Payment Council, which federate the european banking industry and publish guidelines and rulebooks to use the ISO 20022 standard for SEPA. The OpenERP modules developed by Akretion are part of the banking addons, which is project managed by the OpenERP Community Association :

  • the module account_banking_sepa_credit_transfer adds support for SEPA Credit Transfers (SCT),
  • the module account_banking_sepa_direct_debit adds support for SEPA Direct Debits (SDD) including the management of direct debit mandates.

The latest version of these modules for OpenERP 7.0 are available in the following branch : lp:~akretion-team/banking-addons/70-sepa-trf-dd-updates

Backports for some older versions of OpenERP are already available.

Once theses modules are installed, OpenERP will be able to generate a SEPA XML file from a payment order and from a direct debit order. The SEPA files generated by OpenERP have already been used by several EU companies with many different banks for real-life credit transfers and direct debit transactions.

Akretion France is available to help you add SEPA support to your OpenERP system and carry out the required tests with your banks. Akretion would like to thank all the OpenERP integrators who subcontracted SEPA development and testing to Akretion ; this has been a great help in the implementation of SEPA for OpenERP.

About Akretion

Akretion is an OpenERP-expert company based in Brazil (Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo) and France (Lyon) with a strong experience in e-commerce projects. Akretion key contributions to Open Source software include the Magento-OpenERP connector, the PrestaShop-OpenERP connector, the Amazon-OpenERP connector, the eBay-OpenERP connector, the Asterisk-OpenERP connector, the Brazilian localization for OpenERP, support for French customs formalities (DEB and DES) in OpenERP and support for SEPA Credit Transfer and SEPA Direct Debit in OpenERP. Akretion sells training, consulting, software development and SaaS (Software as a Service) on OpenERP.


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